ILCAR: a carob processing industry

Carob products for food
and animal nutrition

Food, sustainability and innovation

ILCAR processes and transforms carob for food and animal nutrition

With commitment and passion, we process carob pulp and seeds offering high quality and 100% natural products. Carob is a real superfood and in ILCAR we use technologies that maintain its precious characteristics, because rich in active ingredients and beneficial properties.

With a strong innovative drive, we contribute to the enhancement and preservation of carobs, multivalent resources of our territory. We are located in Rosolini, between Syracuse and Ragusa, in the heart of south-eastern Sicily, a land where carob trees grow luxuriant and thrive spontaneously.

environmental protection
and social responsibility
are for us fundamental pillars.

Albero di carruba al sole
Care and protection of the territory

Carob trees and their link to the territory

Crossing the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse, it's easy to come across long and rich stretches of carob groves. In this small Sicilian aerea, the "Altopiano Ibleo", carob trees grow spontaneously, strong and luxuriant offering themselves in all their splendor...

The "Altopiano Ibleo" is one of the geographical areas of the Mediterranean richest in carob trees, covering over 70% of the entire production of carobs. Since ancient times, the carob has been an integral part of the local identity and our culture, has left indelible traces in our history and is a symbol of our bond with the territory.

Ingredients and additives for food and feed industry

Why choose ILCAR

Technologically advanced machinery and equipment

We process carobs starting from a careful choice of the pods and with the support of Industry 4.0 advanced systems: we guarantee a wide range of excellent quality products that maintain the properties of the carob fruit. With cooperation and multidisciplinary, our company combines the typical family management of the small business to the latest generation of methods and technologies. ILCAR is a competent and professional team at the service of customers, through quality management systems and food safety.

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