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ILCAR - Carob Processing Industry

ILCAR is a Sicilian company specialized in the processing and transformation of carob. For 3 generations, we have been processing carobs with passion and dedication, offering genuine and high quality products. We are located in Rosolini, in the heart of the “Altopiano Ibleo”, one of the richest geographical areas in carob trees, from which over 70% of the entire national carob production derives.

With over 100 years of activity in the field, we are experts in carob and have mastered all its transformation processes. From the storage of the raw material to the packaging of the finished product, every phase of the processing of the carob beans takes place here in ILCAR. Our factory is, in fact, equipped with all the systems and tools necessary to carry out each process of transformation of the carob.

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Why choose us

Availability of excellent raw materials - ILCAR is located in the “Altopiano Ibleo” in Sicily, land whose characteristics allow the carob tree to flourish spontaneously, producing high quality, sweet and fleshy fruits.

Experience gained in over 100 years of activity in the sector - Our long history has made us experts in carob and has allowed us to improve and optimize the manufacturing processes.

Technology and Innovation - We work the carob with the support of state-of-the-art systems and equipment, using technologies that keep its precious characteristics unaltered.

Quality and Safety - Each stage of carob processing takes place in ILCAR, we maintain a constant total control on all processes.

Relationship with customers - ILCAR is a historic family company strongly anchored to the values of dedication and commitment. This leads us to offer excellent customer support, creating and maintaining human relationships based on trust and respect.