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Organic carob powder - CHOCAR

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CHOCAR is the powder of organic carob pulp.

It is obtained by dehydration and super micronization of Sicilian organic carob pulp. Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

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Organic carob powder is a food ingredient used mostly in confectionery and bakery products, but also used in bread and pasta making, in hot beverages and more. It is commonly used as a substitute for cocoa powder thanks to their similarity in appearance and flavor. However, carob powder is regarded as a healthier alternative to cocoa. In fact, unlike cocoa, it is free of fats and stimulants.

Rich in natural sugars, carob powder is used as a natural sweetener that can limit the addition of refined sugar in food preparations. It is also used as a natural flavoring thanks to its distinctive flavor. Furthermore, it is also suitable for the nutrition of people with diabetes or celiac disease due to a very low glycemic index and the absence of gluten.

The technological processes used in ILCAR, based only on mechanical and thermal treatments, make CHOCAR an absolutely natural food, free of any chemical additive.

Get the RECIPES ILCAR with CHOCAR carob powder.

Carob is a fruit with multiple beneficial properties for the body and is entirely processed here in ILCAR. With over 100 years of activity in the field, we are experts in carob and have mastered all its transformation processes. View ABOUT US.

Moving towards a more conscious diet, in search of healthier alternatives, carob is undergoing a revaluation by the food industry and consumers. A naturally sweet product suitable for celiacs and diabetics, free of fats and of exciting substances and rich in beneficial properties for our body.

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